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Welcome to the Kpop Olymfics, the first and only team-based fic competition this side of the Kpop scene. Inspired by [profile] je_ficgames, since we're starting out, we've borrowed a lot from that comm (with permission of the mods, of course).

what you need to know

Participants will be grouped into four teams that each write specific genres. This isn't a competition between pairings or idol groups, but a team competition. Each team will have the same number of writers per idol group, depending on the initial turnout (i.e. one SHINee writer, one SNSD writer, etc.). This is so that each idol group receives equal representation and evens out reader-bias among all the teams.

the teams

We've made some changes as to the number of teams, their scope and limitations. Below are teams for Kpop Olymfics:

Team Canon — Now merged with Team Alternate Reality (AR), writers of Team Canon work within the realms of what has happened in the wonderful world of Kpop and what might have been if a few things didn't go as planned. A few twists here and there, maybe. Writers here have a whole slew of facts, events, and pictures to work with. From an idol's trainee past to their present, Team Canon has a lot to work with, so long as it stays true to key events in Kpop chronology. While Team AR has been merged with Team Canon, writers of Team Canon are expected to not stray too far from fandom facts.

Team Alternate Universe — Writers of Team AU are free to write anything from Terminator!2NE1 to Pirate!DBSK. In order to distinguish Team AU from Team Alternate Reality (AR, now merged with Canon), we're limiting it so that Kpop as we know it does not exist in fic the writers of Team AU will write. It is possible for idols and idol groups to exist, but the story must function or exist outside this setup. For example, SHINee are a bunch of interns at a hospital and one of Key's methods to de-stress is to learn the choreography of girl idol groups. Or, Kibum is an ATP ranked tennis player who just so happens to see a billboard of Big Bang or something. The main focus of the story has to be on the alternate universe created by the writer; aspects or characteristics of "reality" must be peripheral.

Team Future — Working with what we know now, writers of Team Future have to look down the road, five, ten, maybe even twenty years from now to see what has become of our idols. In short, future!fic.

how it works

Once sign-ups have closed and match-ups are sent, teams are free to interact and meet with each other through instant messaging, secret communities, etc. in order to discuss tactics and foster some creative synergy (or something). A prompt list composed of several Kpop songs will be sent to each team and writers must decide amongst themselves who will be writing what internally. Take note that you need not write for the song prompt of the idol group you are in charge of.

Once the each prompt has been claimed, the writing begins. Teams will have until the assigned deadline to write at least 1000 words of fic based on the prompt assigned to them. Kindly take note of the deadlines listed above.

Fics will be posted anonymously by a mod every other day, with fic from all four teams for the same round being posted at the same time. At that point, the fate of the teams lies in the hands of the readers. We highly encourage that you give all fics a chance, but please do not automatically give a low rating to a fic that is about your least favorite character or most hated pairing. Rather, base your score on the following criteria.

Criteria for Scoring

Readers, upon finishing the fic, should fill out the poll following the fic based on the following criteria:
Rate how much you enjoyed this fic (1-10)
Rate the interpretation of the prompt (1-5)
Rate how true this fic is to its team's genre (1-5)
Additional comments?

A perfect score would be 20 points. Readers are free to leave comments on the fic if they feel so inclined, but until reveals at the end of the competition, writers are not allowed to reply. Poll results are viewable only to the mods, but writers may request to know the score their fic received (minus the identities of their voters). Points per fic will be averaged. Points for each team are cumulative, from the first round until the last.

The team with the most points at the end will be crowned champion.

pimp us out!

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